The Team

The Team

Julia Janoff

Julia holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics and has previously worked with events for major tech companies and had her base in San Francisco.

+46 73-895 63 53

Amin Omrani

Amin is an industrial engineer. He was previously CEO of the company group Serendipity, where he has started, developed and listed serveral companies within different segments.

+46 70-300 42 53

Tobias Lindquist

Tobias has worked in various financial roles during his career. He was previously the CFO at Alimak Group and before that CFO at EF Asia.

+46 70-840 14 56

Cedric Vongheer

Cedric holds a master's degree in finance from the Stockholm School of Economics. He has previously worked at EY with valuation and transactions in both small and large companies.

Head of M&A
+46 70-761 00 94

Emelie Jarnesten

Emelie most recently came from the role as Head of Business Operations at Spotlight Stock Market. She was a part of building up Admincontrol in Sweden, and has also worked at NASDAQ Listings & Capital Markets.

Business Development
+46 72-151 14 33

Jesper Olsen

Jesper has over 10 years of experience in helping SME companies with business consulting and financial reporting and accounting. Prior to Rebellion, Jesper was a partner at Grant Thornton where he served as the Head of International business.

Investment Manager
Areas: UK, IE, NO, DK
+46 73-718 85 54

Catinka Träger

Catinka holds a MSc in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics. Catinka has a background as a Transaction Advisor at EY, focusing on Financial Due Diligence. She has also gained insight into private equity at Nordic Capital and Litorina.
M&A Professional
+46 73-539 24 96 

Philip Wahlgren

Philip has a background from Roschier and Serendipity Legal within M&A.
Head of Legal
+46 73-545 55 08

David Olsson

David holdsboth a Master of Laws and a MSc in Finance from Stockholm University. He has previous experience from investment banking and lawfirms.
M&A Professional
+46 73-386 63 80

Nina Bake

Nina has a background as an entrepreneur, CEO, head of business units and board member ranging from start-up, small and large companies, mainly with a focus on start-up and growth. Nina comes most recently from Division X at Telia and before that as CEO of the company Episurf Medical AB.

Head of Group Companies
+46 70-656 24 84

Simon Wiklund

Simon has experience from BDO where he worked with financial due diligence. Prior to joining Rebellion, he engaged in +10 transactions with the company as a consultant. In addition, Simon worked with M&A at Globalconnect. Simon holds a MSc in Financial Management from Uppsala University.

Investment Manager
Areas: SE and FI
+46 70-681 08 24

Marie Stierna

Marie has worked with group accounting at Sagax, Epiroc and Atlas Copco. She also has a background in auditing at KPMG.

Head of Group Accounting
+4670 778 96 13

Charlotte Kogge

Charlotte has previously worked at EQT as accounting officer for several group companies. Charlotte has also worked as an accountant at both BDO and Grant Thornton.

Head of Accounting
+46 72-987 36 50