About us

We are a home for brilliant companies and people

We are building a company group with high profitability and with a long-term focus, within infrastructure, industry, and trade.

We grow both organically and through acquisitions. There is no ambition to divest companies - rather a vision of eternal ownership. Therefore, the group consists of what we call brilliant companies. Companies that have an exceptional financial history, high profitability, and a sustainable business model.

As a group, we support each other with different experience and expertise. But as owners, we don't pick at things we know others can do better. This means that the daily operations are managed by the management of each company. In this way, cultures and working methods are preserved. We are convinced that this is the basis for the success and continued growth of both the companies and the group.

The reasons for becoming part of Rebellion can be many. Some want help with expansion and growth. Others want help with internal order and processes. Some want to find synergies within the group. We urge the companies to take advantage of the great competence that exists within Rebellion, but on their own terms. It that sense we create a strong partnership where we can benefit from each other.

Rebellion is a home for companies where the owners still want to be active in the business. Often there is a desire for succession or downsizing in the long run, or to assume new roles within the Rebellion group. We strive to offer all employees within the group an environment where you as an individual can develop, be motivated, and feel involved.


We believe that a long-term focus on sustainability results in sustainable and profitable companies, together with motivated employees and happy customers. Therefore, we only invest in companies that acts sustainable.

This also means protecting Rebellion ’s employees and other values. As a complement to an open business culture, Rebellion has a whistleblower function where anyone with knowledge of serious misconduct within the organization can report this anonymously.

Whistleblower system