About us

Rebellion is a home for brilliant companies and passionate people. An active and long-term owner with focus on profitable partnerships. Relationships that not only promote value growth but also create a meaningful environment where companies and people can grow.

We are building a group of companies and people that are leaders within their fields, with an exceptional history and a brilliant future. That allows us grow both as individuals and as a group.

Business Idea
Rebellion invests in companies within infrastructure, industry, and trade – but above all, we invest in people. The group is built with care, consisting of profitable companies that are all leaders within their niche. We are an active owner who builds on the existing expertise in each company, creating opportunities for further development and expansion. That’s how we create value.


We believe that a long-term focus on sustainability results in sustainable and profitable companies, together with motivated employees and happy customers. Therefore, we only invest in companies that acts sustainable.

This also means protecting Rebellion ’s employees and other values. As a complement to an open business culture, Rebellion has a whistleblower function where anyone with knowledge of serious misconduct within the organization can report this anonymously.

Whistleblower system