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” Our job is all about loving change. Every project is unique and creates new relationships”

Tell us your story

I grew up in Malmö and moved from my parents’ house at the age of sixteen. Having my own apartment and working at three different restaurants made my schoolwork somewhat neglected. I spent a couple of years a broad and got a degree in Business & Hotel Administration. I spent seventeen years within the Nordic Choice group. After that, I was a few years with the ESS group and opened Steam Hotel in Västerås. I later met Niklas Haglund (one of the founders of Tjuren) and he convinced me that Tjuren would be a good fit for me, and I started with property and business development. In 2020, I took on the honorable role as CEO.

What is an entrepreneur?
A person with passion, conviction, and anxiety to drive themselves and others to success or even to failure. An entrepreneur sees failure as a learning experience rather than a breakdown.

What is most fun but also challenging about running your business?

Our job is all about loving change. Every project is unique and creates new relationships. In short, we are often the new guy at work – which means that a day never becomes dull or turns static. Here is also where the challenge lays, the ability to adapt and change for new or other conditions becomes very important.

What challenges to you have?

The larges and clearest challenge we face is that the industry is very male dominate. Luckily, we are seeing a development where more women are looking at the disciplines within the industry. It’s important to accommodate these women so more will follow.

What’s your company culture like?

Our culture is built on dedication and interest for both the customers and for Tjuren as a company. We believe that there are ways where everyone involved can be happy. Business should not be done on the expense of either part.

How can Rebellion make a difference for Tjuren?

A new context will lead us into new train of thoughts. We look forward to running our business as usual, but at the same time applying a new perspective and support from Rebellion. That new perspective will challenge us and do good. We also hope to use the network within the Rebellion group to create new business.

Marcus Majewski
CEO Tjuren Projektpartner

Tjuren Projektpartner

Tjuren is a consultancy company within construction and real estate.

Tjuren offers services within transaction support, rental agreements and negotiations, project analysis, project planning and construction management. They also have an extensive network with established partners.

Revenue:2022 — 97 MSEK