” An entrepreneur is someone who dares to take chances and is not afraid to get the job done”

Tell us about your background

I started working at Tage Olofssons Trädgårdsanläggning when I was only eight years old. I worked as an assistant in different garden facility projects all around Malmö. I kept working for quite some time before I moved to Stockholm in 2011 for studies at Lanskapsingenjörspogrammet. My first job in Stockholm was at Vivaldi running their facility department. After one year I decided to start my own company and founded ABTOT Mark & Anläggning.

How will ABTOT grow?

As an entrepreneur you need to be modern and innovative. Staying humble at the same time is also very important. Being a leader, I always try to put the spotlight on other people to make them over preform. We need to push ourselves to keep looking at this industry with different eyes. We need to think freely and innovative, and change things we don’t believe in. Lastly you need to be willing to invest and take some risks.

Future outlook?

The future looks good, Stockholm is growing. The focus on the outdoor environment will continue throughout the city, both in terms of new projects but also renovation of existing ones. It’s very inspiring to be able to contribute to the development towards a greener and more beautiful city.

What is the most important aspect of your company culture?

We try to be a modern company in a somewhat conservative industry. As an example, everyone can structure their own work, as long as we perform well. We want individuals to be motivated and really engaged in not only individual growth, but also in the development of ABTOT as a company. We want to deliver high quality work, together with happy employees and customers.

What expectations do you have on the partnership with Rebellion?

We believe that Rebellion will be able to help us with the administrative side of running ABTOT. We have grown fast and are now a large company; however, we are still in some cases operating as a startup. We don’t want our culture to change, however on the administrative side we have a bit to learn. Especially when it comes to finance, accounting, law and to follow up on projects.

Simon Olofsson

ABTOT Mark & Anläggning

ABTOT is an innovative company in a conservative industry, offering services and consultations in outdoor planning, infrastructure, transport, and maintenance for all seasons. ABTOT services both the private and public sectors in and around the larger Stockholm area. Projects include new construction and renovations of parks, playgrounds, and outdoor environments.

The company's most important measure of quality is satisfied customers. Every ABTOT team member and subcontractor is a valuable part of the group and possesses specific skills and commitment to ensure that the highest quality is kept. Competencies at the company include project managers, engineers, developers, maintenance, construction, mechanics, machinists, and many more.

Revenue:2022 — 211 MSEK
Segment:feb 2022