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"Happy customers are far more fulfilling than making a lot of money".

Tell us about your background?

I have a degree in construction engineering from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. I was previously employed at CBI, Cement och Betonginstitutet, numer RISE. Betongkonsult was founded in 2008, and we work within concrete and damages. Our work is done onchimneys for bridges, parking houses, balconies, sewage treatment plants, wind turbines, pons, and water towers.

How does the company operate?

Solving problems is the most satisfying part for me. Being able to investigate constructions, figuring out the damage and coming up with the most efficient solutions for our customers is very rewarding. Happy customers are far more fulfilling than making a lot of money. Our biggest challenge is time – which sometime leads to having to tell a customer that we are not able to help them.

What is your company culture like?

Since all of us spend most of our awake time at work – it needs to be fun to go to work. If our employees are not content, it’s going to impossible for them to perform well. Therefore, we focus on creating tasks which are both exciting and challenging. Happy employees and customers are our recipe for success.

What is an entrepreneur?

There are plenty of people with ideas out there, however there are just a few who actualize them. An entrepreneur is someone who dares to follow their dreams and ideas, are good at zooming out and analyze the consequences of one’s decisions. It’s also someone that knows how to handle different risks. A survivor.

What does the future hold for Betongkonsult?

Regardless of what economic cycles the market is in, we stand steady. Much because our services are mainly used for ROT* work, and most of our customers are within the property sector. Our customers are recurring, and we don’t use marketing to get jobs. We live on our strong brand and our reference customers.

*ROT - A person who hires you to do ROT (Repairs, Conversion, Extension) work may get a tax reduction – a ROT deduction for the labor cost.

What values does Rebellion create for Betongkonsult?

We see Rebellion as a new ignition to the company. We will get a new focus, ideas and collogues. We hope to get support in recruiting qualified personnel, so we can increase our organic growth and keep our market leading position. Our vision is to become the consultancy firm of choice for all civil engineer graduates.

Patrik Wallin
CEO, Stockholm Betongkonsult

Stockholm Betongkonsult

Founded in 2008 – Stockholm Betongkonsult is a consulting firm that examines all types of concrete construction, old and new. They offer services such as damage-investigation, condition assessment, evaluation of repair needs, and assist in the process of applying for and obtaining building permits.

Stockholm Betongkonsult examines chloride content and appraises lifelong assessments of reinforced concrete by measuring and conducting ocular examinations of drill cores. Samples can be taken directly from a site or commissioned by a third party and sampled externally for analysis. The private chloride lab facilities and expert knowledge help minimize cost and lead time for consumers and shorten overall construction time.

Stockholm Betongkonsult performs ongoing construction site inspections and assists with project management for more complex project assignments. The construction project manager represents the client throughout the entire construction process, from procurement to final inspection, ensuring a safe and secure process the whole way through.

Revenue:2022 — 24 MSEK